Take a look at what Tulsa’s only Insured, Background Checked Character Company has for you.

Our staff is indescribably talented and committed to the characters they portray. They take the love and history of the fairy tales along with the novelties of the modern told versions and bring them to life. They are well trained actors ranging in ages from 15-26. Most characters are written as young adults anywhere from 14 to 20 in the treasured stories we know so well, so who better to play those ages? Our employees strive to be as true to the character as possible from the dress, to the hair, make up, and acting. All of our staff are background checked and have been through character analysis training. They further their education in various ways to continue to keep the characters fresh. 


alice water color.jpg

Alice, Wonderland Princess

This beloved character is a classic and must have in our collection! We bring her to life by combining the necessity of the timeless fairy tales and the nostalgia of the popularly known animated stories. Alice is a wonderful addition to your event! Alice performs in her classic Blue Dress with White Collar Shirt.

anna water color.jpg

Anna, Ice Princess

This character is a most requested character! With bubbly energy and an adventurous spirit, Anna is a perfect fit for any event! Anna offers two outfits to choose from: Coronation Dress (Green) or her Adventure Dress (Black, Blue & Pink).

ariel and prince water color.jpg

Ariel, Mermaid Princess

This character needs no introduction! Ariel’s sense of discovery and wonderment are contagious and is a must at any event! She attends parties in her Black & Blue Land Dress. aurora water color.jpg

Aurora, Sleeping Princess

The princess of the cursed spindle is known throughout the fairy tale world! Briar Rose attends parties in her beautiful Pink Ball Gown with golden blonde locks and is a sweet addition to any party!

belle water color2.jpg

Belle, French Princess

With a tale as old as time, this princess exudes loyalty and kindness. She is adored by all and one of our most requested characters. Belle attends events in her Golden Ball Gown.

cinderella water color.jpg

Cinderella, Enchanted Princess

In the most told story of all time you will find a patient, kind princess, as well as her shoe! Cinderella brings grace and kindness to all events she attends. She arrives to parties in her infamous Blue Ball Gown.

elena water color.jpg

Elena, Latin Princess

This talented princess brings laughter and spunk to any party she attends! Elena attends events wearing her signature Red Dress. 

elsa water color.jpg

Elsa, Ice Queen

Our most requested character! No matter where she goes, she brings a little magic with her. This fierce Queen brings her magic to life when she attends parties. Elsa arrives to parties in her dazzling Blue Frozen Dress.

jasmine water color.jpg

Jasmine, Arabian Princess

This princess just is as generous as they come. Believing in and leading with love, you will not find a more suitable princess for your party! Jasmine attends events in her signature two piece and long black hair. 

princess leia water color.jpg

Leia, Galaxy Princess

This princess packs a powerful punch and has some serious confidence to back it up! Princess Leia arrives to events in her long White Gown, Cape, Pig-Buns and never leaves home without her Galaxy Gun.

MP Color copy.jpg

Mary Poppins, Perfect Nanny

This Nanny can only be found when the winds change. We are glad they changed our way! Mary Poppins even brings her own game “Spoon Full of Sugar” (for additional fee) for guests to enjoy. She attends parties in her ankle length Skirt, White Shirt and long over coat. She also brings along her classic carpet bag, hat and umbrella. 

moana water color.jpg

Moana, Island Princess

This courageous princess demonstrates overcoming fear. She is the perfect addition to all events! She arrives in her signature two piece and necklace. 

olaf water color.jpg

Olaf, Happy Snow Man

The happiest snow man you will ever meet is here at My Little Dollhouse! Olaf dresses head to toe in his signature snow white outfit! *Olaf does not speak, but is very interactive and a great addition to other characters.

pocahontas water color.jpg

Pocahontas, Native American Princess

This adventurous princess is bold. With all the colors of the wind, Pocahontas loves to attend parties.  She attends parties in her signature Brown Tunic with colorful necklace.

rapunzel water color2.jpg

Rapunzel, Fairy Tale Princess

The most creative princess, bar none! She brings her love for activities to life at any event she attends. She arrives in her Pink and Purple Dress with her long braided hair adorned with beautiful flowers.

snow white water color.jpg

Snow White, Fairest Princess

The fairest in the land is at My Little Dollhouse! Snow White wears her signature Blue and Yellow Dress with Red accents everywhere she goes. 

tiana water color.jpg

Tiana, Frog Princess

This hard working princess brings her love to dream to the parties she attends. With a bright smile and can do attitude, Tiana brings any party to life. She arrives in her beautiful Green Dress.

tinker bell water color.jpg

Tinkerbell, Tinker Fairy

WE BELIEVE IN FAIRIES! Yes, Yes We Do! And you should too because Tinkerbell is here. She brings her sassy, spirited personality to any event she attends. She comes wearing her Green Dress and of course her wings! 

spider man water color.jpg

Spiderman, Man Spider

This super hero is always a hit at any event he attends. He doesn’t speak but is as friendly as can be. Have the spider, the man, the myth at your party!

prince charming water color.jpg

Prince Charming

Every Princess likes to have a Prince! Prince Charming can escort any Princess we offer and can also be booked alone. Every little boy is a Prince too!


Wonder Woman, Amazon Woman

Introducing our first female Superhero! Wonder Woman comes fierce and ready for action in her traditional signature costume!

santa .jpg

Santa Claus, Bearded Man

Available to travel or for parties.

Seasonal Only! 

Not available to book at this time. 



*All of our characters are independent, derivative characters based on beloved tales, stories, etc. MLD is an independent company and is not associated with, affiliated with, or licensed by Walt Disney Company, Lucas Arts, Warner Brothers, Saban, DC Comics, Marvel, or Mattel.