Customize Your Party

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Make your party perfect for you with these Add-Ons:

*Hair– $2.00 per girl (Included in Ultimate Princess Package)

*Makeup– $2.00 per girl (Included in Ultimate Princess Package)

*Invite Elsa, Anna, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Belle, Alice in Wonderland, Elena, Moana, Tinkerbell, Tiana,  or Ariel to attend your party for $45.00. The sister duo, Anna and Elsa, (or any two princesses) can be added  for $80. (A single princess is included in the Ultimate Princess Package. If you already have the Ultimate Princess Package, you can add a second princess for $40)

*Cupcakes- $24.00 for the first dozen and $2.00 per additional cupcake (Included in Ultimate Princess Package)

*Iced Sugar Cookies-$12/dozen

*Ice Cream Cups- $1.00 each

*Drinks- Capri Suns or Bottled Waters $1.00 each (Included in Ultimate Princess and Tea Party Packages)

*Use tea set for refreshments $12.00 (included in tea parties)

*Paper Goods- (plates and napkins) $6 per dozen of each(Included in Ultimate Princess and Tea Party Packages)

*Party Favor bags –  $4.00 (Included in Ultimate Princess and Tea Party Packages) Favor A. includes a beautifully wrapped wand, ring, and tiara.  B. is a cute lipgloss, mini nail polish, and a ring.  Option C. is for boys: a foam sword, and two small toys. We can do custom favors. Tea party favors, including a tea cup, pearly necklace and tea party stickers are $5.00 (included in tea party), or $1 upcharge for Ultimate Princess Party

*Helium balloon bouquet- $8.00 (Included in Ultimate Princess and Tea Party Packages) OR Upgraded balloon bouquet with large number balloon for $15 ($7 additional to Ultimate Princess or Tea parties)

*Professional Photographer- (when available) 1/2 hour, unedited disc/drive of party pictures $55

We can also do customized theme parties with reasonable notice.  Have an idea? Let us know, and our staff will do our best to have it come to life.  Some examples of custom parties we’ve done are: Glamping, a Spa Party, a Craft or Painting Party, or a Teddy Bear Picnic. Custom parties begin at $329.

You are welcome to bring your own covered (clear) drinks, cupcakes, cookies, or individually packaged ice-cream cups to the Playtime Party as long as they are in individual containers, or lidded. Poured drinks are not allowed.

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