Party Agreement

My Little Dollhouse Party Agreement

To ensure that your experience at My Little Dollhouse is magical and memorable, please  fully read , sign, and return the following agreement prior to your party:

  1. A $50 deposit must be paid at booking. Deposit is non-refundable. If party is cancelled between 24-48 hours of scheduled party, guest will be charged 1/2 party price (including add-ons). If cancellation occurs within 24 hours of scheduled party, the full party price (including add-ons) will be charged. A no-show is treated as a cancellation. We appreciate a final (even if approximate) headcount 48 hours prior to party.
  1. Balance of party cost is due at the close of the party. We happily take credit & debit cards or cash, but personal checks are not accepted.

3.Gratuity is not included in package prices, nor is it required or expected;  however,  it is appreciated.  Gratuity is split evenly among party hostesses and princess(es).

  1. Party guest receives a 15% discount on boutique items on party day!
  1. No outside food or drink allowed, with the exception of birthday cake/cupcakes/cookies & party drinks. All carried-in  drinks must be clear (sprite, water, capri sun), and  have lids or be in individual closed-top containers.  No poured drinks allowed  (pitchers, lg bottles, 2 liters, etc.).
  1. Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled party time, due to limited lobby space.
  1. Party prices include the birthday girl and 9 guests.  Parents and adult guests are not included in the head count; however,  child family members who participate in the party are counted as guests. Additional guests  are charged per the price list.  
  1. Your party is provided with one drink and one party favor per guest.  Additional drinks and party favors are available for an extra charge.
  1. My Little Dollhouse is full of sparkle! Please refrain from bringing your own (glitter, confetti, party scatters, etc.) Your party area is fully decorated. There is no need to bring decorations.  Pinatas are discouraged.
  1. Your party cost includes clean-up;  however, if deep cleaning is required after your party, a $50 cleaning fee will be assessed.
  1. Liability/Image waiver must be signed by guardian for each guest (at front desk) prior to party.  
  1. Our party hostesses are skilled at making sure your party begins and ends on time.  Please cooperate in adhering to the party schedule. It is very important that your party end on time.  Lots of extra guests makes this very difficult.  If you anticipate more than 18 party guests, and/or 18 adult guests,  you are required to have either the first or last party of the day, and to purchase an additional 30 minutes of party time for $100.   
  1. Extremely disruptive or obviously ill party guests will be asked to leave the venue for the safety of other guests and staff, and no refunds will be given.
  1. Guests’ parents or guardians should plan to stay, OR arrive promptly at party end-time for pick up at party end time.

I accept and agree to the terms of this agreement on ____________________________.


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